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our story

To craft seasonal juices that are inspired by the remedies and flavors of the past


"Antiquity JUices believes our nutritional inheritance is sown in the land, governed by the seasons, and can be PreSERVED in the bottle."

Our History

  our journey began in 2010 with a juicer, a basket full of fruit, and a mission to provide healthy products to our community. our first home was at the heart of the city farmers market in downtown san francisco; were we provided market ATTENDEES with a freshly made juice at a very reasonable price.  Antiquity Juices soon became a destination stop for many market shoppers. Since our farmers market debut, Antiquity Juices has been sold in several grocery stores including 5 Markets, Other Avenue Grocery, and Rainbow Grocery CoOp.






Our Inspiration


Our Inspiration

To create the perfect juice mixture, we look to the old world for inspiration. We began by exploring the flavors of India, Africa, and the Caribbean. All these places are known for preserving ancestral traditions. We've read journals from merchants in the old spice trade, and studied the recipes of traditional herbalist. We've tasted teas, tinctures, and bitters from all over the world. All the knowledge we've gained has lead us back to the wisdom of the Earth. She's taught us that our nutritional inheritance is sown in the land, governed by the seasons, and preserved in tradition.



Our Founder


Our Founder

Starting Antiquity Juices was a way for me to create remedies for my mother who was diagnosed with Dementia in 2009. I went home for a while after receiving news of her condition. I was heartbroken to see the women that raised me change right before my eyes. Like any child, you desperately want to help your parents get better. Juicing became a way for me to help my mother in her time of need. Although i wasn't able to stay with her, she moved back east with my sister, and continues to receive the care she needs. Thousands of miles may be between us, but juicing keeps us connected.